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If you’ve been suffering from a nagging ache in your muscles or your joints are feel stiff, then chances are you could be recommended to see a myotherapist.
Myotherapy assess, treat, and manage the pain associated with soft tissue injury and restricted joint mobility which has been caused by myofascia or muscle dysfunction.

Myofascia is the tough tissue which covers and surrounds all of your bones and muscles. It’s continuous with no beginning and no end and connects every part of your body together. Myofascial pain is usually not specific and is often described by the patient as a deep ache, tightness or tenderness in an area. Other symptoms can include reduced range of movement in muscles and joints, stiffness, fatigue, weakness, numbness or tingling sensations.

It is normally relaxed and soft and can move and stretch without restriction. However, when physical trauma or inflammation occurs, it loses its pliability and becomes restricted, causing tension throughout the body.

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